Our driver managers have over 60 years experience combined, and are focused on creating relationships with drivers and giving them direction whenever it is needed.  They also assist customers with ordering anything from shredded topsoil to gravel for residential use.

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Full Service Shop

Safety is a top priority here at Laudick Trucking. We have a fully equipped shop where all preventative maintenance and repairs are performed.  We also have multiple service trucks that will respond to drivers in need and complete services such as fixing minor issues or changing tires.

All drivers must be at least 21 years old with 1+ years of experience and a valid Class A or Class B CDL. Please call 812-623-3070 for more information, or visit the link below to fill out an online application. 


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Over the years, Laudick Trucking, Inc. has become a respected business that places its values on employees and their families, customer service, hard work, and dedication.

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As stated before, safety is a top priority here at Laudick Trucking, Inc. We keep our drivers up to date by conducting mandatory quarterly safety meetings that educate them on ways to be cautious while on the road and inform them on our safety statistics from the previous quarter. We also give our employees monthly handouts called Safety Breaks with tips on how to be safe on the road. 

Proudly serving our customers and community for over 25 years!